Portable 19th Hole Water Bottle Holder

The portable 19th hole water bottle holder was designed after the Bottle Eze to allow you to carry bottled water or other beverages hands free. It has a clip that easily slips onto your golf bag, belt, pocket or waist band. Then just attach your bottle to the plastic clip. There is a swivel built into the handle that allows you to sit down or do different activities.

Fitting over 95 % of all water and soft drink bottles, the 19th hole water bottle holder allows you to carry your drink effortlessly. Great for golf tournaments, sporting events, state fairs, theme parks and walks of all kinds.

The Portable 19th Hole only come in black and can be laser engraved with information or logos.

A fun product that allows you to keep water with you when you need it.

Invented and manufactured in Wichita, KS USA.

Artwork accepted in pdf, AI or Corel.
Must be printable art.
Engraving area 2.5” x .90”
Weight 8 lbs per 100
Call for pricing.
Print suggestions for golfers!

Portable 19th Hole Clip

Portable 19th Hole Clip on Golf Bag