Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Bottle Eze?
A. It is a lightweight plastic clip with a paddle that slips into your pocket or waistband. This allows you to carry your bottled drink hands free.

Q. Does it come in different colors?
A. Yes a variety of colors are available: red, blue, green, black, purple, pink and yelllow & white.

Q. Does it fit all bottles?
A. It fits 95 % of all water and soft drink bottles

Q. Can I have my business or organization logo put on the handle?
A. We can do logo's in two different ways . One is to pad print on the handle and the other is to mold the logo in the handle. The advantage to pad printing is that you can use color as an enhancement. This method also costs a little more than having it molded in the handle, for logos we will require 50 % down.

Q. How can it be used as a fund raiser?
A. They are an excellent item sold in conjunction with water fund raisers.

Q. How long does it take to receive my Bottle Eze?
A. One to two weeks for delivery, but arrangements can be made for special situations.